Avert your eyes from the bandaged finger. Also, don't cut butter with a ceramic knife

Yes, yes, I know, Kinokuniya isn’t exactly a secret destination in Singapore. It’s a huge happy place filled with books, books and more books, on everything from macaron making to Bali gardening to lino printing. All exhorbitantly priced, but if you’re a dirty book perv that’s hardly going to matter, is it?

The branch at Ngee Ann City, however, has an excellent French section. There’s a very decent selection of new releases and classics, probably edited by the very French libraire who will happily talk you through the merits of any book. Best of all is a surprisingly huge section (comparatively) reserved to comics. There are classics (Spirou, Tintin, Lanfeust etc.) and a carefully thought out shelf of more obscure editions, many relevant to the region, like L’Annéee du Lièvre or Chroniques Birmanes from my favourite author Guy Delisle. *Rubs thighs, counts pennies*

Where: Several branches around town, the largest is at Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya shopping centre).


Tips: The Privilege card gives you 10% off year round for the modest (cough) price of $21.40. Or you could just get a kindle, dude. You can spend all the money you save at the Paul bakery that’s about to open right next door.


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