Nom Pain Pate

The nom pain pâté is becoming my favourite comfort food in Cambodia. A Phnom Penh speciality, it’s a bastard child, like me: Asian-style meats in a crusty baguette and an assortment of pickles and greens.

After a long sweaty shopping session at Psar Thmei, the Central Market, head down Street 136 until you reach the food stalls at the intersection with the Rue Pasteur. No 20 is my favourite.

The waitress brings two plates. A fresh, warm baguette on one, smeared with something buttery and some lightly seasoned mince. One the other plate: crunchy cucumber, sliced green tomatoes, stems of spring onions, long strips of pickled carrot and radish, and slices of the pâté block.

Assemble to your liking. Add a good pinch of pepper and some chili sauce.

Enjoy with a cold coca.

Nom nom nom.

Where: No 20 Street 136, near the intersection with the rue Pasteur (Street 51).

Website: Hee hee. *embarrassed giggle*

Tips: At 3500 riel (less than $1) each, eating two would be sensible, not greedy.

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  1. Fat Ponies says:

    […] works: roast pork, pâté, and pork floss, but at £5.50 it is exactly 18 times the price of the Phnom Penh version. […]

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