Happy fun stamping times

When I first moved to Siem Reap I fully intended to make good use of my newly found free time. I had big plans to do some screenprinting; I’d just finished a course in Singapore and was looking foreword to experimenting with the technique.

But circumstances have dictated otherwise. There have been guests, tenants and now construction work; I’ve been scared to mark my mother’s pristine wooden floors; I’ve struggled to find the few missing supplies I needed to get going. Where do you get strong UV lights, table glue or screen hinges in Cambodia?

So many excuses. Last week a friend brought me a lino cutting tool from Singapore, so I got a few erasers and cut up a few stamps. It’s good to remember sometimes simple is best.

3 Responses to “Happy fun stamping times”
  1. Ammo says:

    Very nice, congrats!

  2. Alison Cross says:

    That’s really effective – is it tricky to work out what to carve away and what to leave behind?….like so much in life 😉

    Ali x

  3. fatpony says:

    I just draw straight onto the eraser, but you can also plan it out on paper first with pencil and transfer the drawing by rubbing the paper onto the eraser.

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