I think I mentioned somewhere I’m currently taking the Curtis Brown Creative novel writing course. It’s been a wonderful experience, if you are the sort of person who thinks stubbing your toe repeatedly against stray bed posts, strumming your face with a cheese grater or flushing your own head down the toilet is wonderful. It has been, I think, the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, this daily facing of my own foibles and inadequacies, this constant fight against apathy and self-loathing.

This week, we were treated to a presentation by author Jojo Moyes, who recently won the popular vote of Richard and Judy’s book club for her novel Me Before You. She was an eloquent, funny, and inspiring speaker, and this, I think, was the gist of her message:

Just sit down and write the damn thing. And turn the stupid internet off.

She recommended Freedom, a piece of software that locks you out of the internet for your own good, but I am not brave enough for it yet. Besides, I need the internet for research. See the image above for proof – all of these searches were for the book, apart from maybe “carrot coconut cake Hummingbird” and (ahem) “Adam Brody”, which was entirely fellow CBC student Sarah’s fault.

If you’re after insight into writing and publishing, want some book recommendations, or simply like to shed little tears in pleasure at other people’s well deserved success, go check out Jojo’s blog. It is lovely.


3 Responses to “Distraction”
  1. alison cross says:

    I am very envious of you on a writer’s course. But I know that I would feel exactly the same as you – full of self-doubt. BUT – you’re a lovely writer!!!

    Totally need that Freedom thing.

    But I need my daily fix of Hugh Jackman and lolcats :-) Plus I earn my daily shekels by helping people with their social networking and websites and stuff. So I really need to be on it.

    I have no excuse at all for Facebook *looks shame-faced*

    Looking forward to reading stuff what you write on the course!

    Ali x

  2. Ammo says:

    I totally agree with Ali, you’re an amazing writer, you shouldn’t be wracked with doubt!!

    And I think Jojo Moyes’s advice is excellent :)

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