Sunday breakfasts

Do you ever feel like there will never be enough time in the world? These days are passing by in a blur, one after the other, leaving behind a trail of unreached goals and unmet deadlines, and the searing hot guilt of the serial underachiever.

Nevermind. On Sundays I still take the time to treat myself to a good breakfast and this, my friends, is the breakfast of champions.

Sourdough bread, toasted, spread with a generous amount of butter.

Chard, wilted in a bit of olive oil and garlic and chili flakes.

Duck eggs, poached, using this miraculous method from Delia,  which has transformed my egg poaching experience. Before: deconstructed filaments of doom, tears, tantrums, deep seated feeling of inadequacies, self-victimisation (“why does the poached egg hate me? why? WHY?”). After: perfectly formed poached egg, minimal fuss, propensity to call myself an “egg ninja”.

Parmesan shavings, kampot pepper.

Eat while sitting in the sun with the heating turned on and the steam rising from a cup of tea.

What are you having for breakfast today?

10 Responses to “Sunday breakfasts”
  1. Alison Cross says:

    That looks divine! I have always been a bit crap with poached eggs which is a shame because it’s possibly my favourite way to eat an egg. I shall try the Divine Delia method.

    My breakfast is: Allbran Golden with 5 prunes, a splash of full fat milk and a dollop of cream. I’m doing the Fibre Challenge *draws veil over that subject*

    Ali x

  2. Ammo says:

    Hey egg ninja! The “searing hot guilt of the serial underachiever” captures it perfectly, I totally recognize myself in that :).

  3. soleils says:

    Woke up this morning [insert dramatic blues strum here] with an irresistible craving for sourdough bread, so ran to the baker’s and got two loaves (they make it so beautifully well, it explains why bread became such a staple all those centuries ago…) one of which the five of us demolished in a very short time. Butter, strawberry jam, Bonne Maman caramel spread (don’t go there, it’s more addictive than crack), black coffee, sunshine streaming in, bliss.
    Your breakie looks like da bomb, though. I want. For dinner.

  4. soleils says:

    Errr… sorry, me again. Because sunshine is only a fleeting occurrence in these parts and I just saw your response to an earlier comment (thank you), I have a question: do SAD lamps really work? I am really starting to feel anxious about the long dark afternoons and evenings, so need to make a decision this year – to get or not to get a SAD lamp?

    • fatpony says:

      I have a lot of faith in the SAD lamp. It makes a difference. The only problem is making sure you actually sit in front of it for half an hour every day… much harder than it sounds.

  5. soleils says:

    Thanks! I might have to invest in one… Half an hour, though? Can you sit in front of it whilst doing something else, or do you actually have to stare at it for half an hour? Sorry for all the questions, but today is so so so gloomy, I am seriously starting to panic. I couldn’t muster the energy to do anything else than nap for nearly two hours this afternoon. Bad sign.

  6. sheila says:

    We had some kind of bread roll with chocolate on a Vietnamese train this morning.
    I passed on the Vietnamese big Mac rice burgers being handed out..

  7. Bradly says:

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