I danced to her swingy tunes at last week’s Orphanage Ball and I can’t stop listening to her strange, penetrating voice.

Say Hello Wave Goodbye is entirely stuck in my head. I blame the ukulele.


The Fox Family album cover, by the multi-talented Andy Fielding.

Hand stamped vintage cutlery, perfect for the spoon thief in your life.

£7.50 from Goozeberry Hill’s etsy shop.

I also want the “Mrs and Mrs” forks and “Everything stops for tea” spoon.


A long long time ago (last year), in a land far far away (Edinburgh College of Art), I had a student called Cat Bruce.

Cat draws things and makes films. She lives with her young daughter Erin in Edinburgh. They get up to all sorts of exciting adventures together, like painting their faces or taking pictures in slow motion or wearing hats with ears on them. I’ve long suspected Cat of being a small animal, like maybe a pensive fox or a wise owl or something. She is secretive, quiet and child-like and never fails to remind me to be amazed and enchanted by every day life. Because, as Cat says:

The fun things you can do with spare time are infinite.

So please check out her new weblog, which is currently focusing on fly CSI, because I want her to post more often. And use your spare time wisely. Like an owl or something.