I knew I had a better story for the World Nomads travel writing competition.

Last year I went to Koh Rong island. Ageing Korean buses through the Cambodian countryside. Sugar palm trees and paddy fields, thin cows and sleeping dogs on the road. Karaoke blasting over the air conditioning. Shared pineapple from a plastic bag. A moto ride winding through Sihanoukville hills. 3 hours on a rusty ferry. Tree houses swaying gently in the wind, sand like icing sugar. The great mass of a buffalo swimming towards me, in the encroaching dusk, the bulge of its eye as it strains against the rope, how quietly it moves through the warm, clear waters.

I’ll write it another day. But in the meantime I’ve made a little video – all filmed on 35mm on my Lomo Kino. Hope you like it.

This, I think, is how all restaurants should be.

A couple of heavy wooden tables, some worn benches.
A rickety pier framed by turquoise waters.
A high tide at your ankles.
A curry warm and fragrant, with melting pumpkin and big chunks of fresh fish.

This is the place to go for friendly service, tasty Khmer food, and the bare necessities: mosquito repellent, torches, lighters and, of courseā€¦ Pringles.

Where: Nam nam restaurant, near the pier, Koh Rong, Cambodia.

Tip: Learn to say “Cohn chkai” (puppy) to make friends with the little neighbours.